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Are you preparing for the HSPT? Would you appreciate a course that has been developed by a veteran classroom teacher who really knows the test inside and out and who cares about your success on this test and beyond? Are you ready to prepare properly, to expand your vocabulary and core knowledge, and to truly be at ease about the test? Would you appreciate a blended approach that includes a traditional textbook, access to a great master Quizlet for vocabulary, and quality instruction via recorded lessons and weekly Zoom sessions? Then this HSPT course is for you!

Enrollment is now open. Once you enroll, you can access the first unit of the course immediately, but the full course will not be available until Monday, September 7th, 2020. I want the course to feel as “traditional” as possible, so I would like to give you time to order the HSPT book from Amazon.

Zoom sessions will begin Wednesday, September 16th and will be held weekly until the HSPT is administered in either late November or early December. The Zoom sessions are meant to support and complement the recorded lessons and homework assignments and will be driven both by me and questions from the students.




Topics for this course

45 Lessons

HSPT Landing Page

Landing Page: Zoom Links and Live Syllabus00
HSPT Reading Comprehension Zoom Recording44:57

Introduction to the HSPT

HSPT Practice Tests by Section?

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HSPT Reading Comprehension

HSPT Verbal

HSPT Basic Mathematics

HSPT Word Problems

HSPT Math: “The Big Three” Problems You Need To Know

HSPT: Advanced Math

HSPT Language Skills

HSPT: Take a Full Practice Test

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