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  • Last Update December 9, 2021


Welcome to SSAT Prep Online Course

This is an online course with a traditional approach. We use a textbook and flashcards that need to be mailed to students in advance, so it is important to sign up early! If you sign up last minute, I can make the first few lessons available digitally until your textbook arrives.
The hallmark of the class are the Zoom meetings, the access to recorded library of videos to further our study of the SSAT, and the three online practice tests that students take during the course to hone their skills.
The Zoom meetings take place twice a week. Specifically, Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm – 7:50pm ET  (Eastern Time).
Students in this course should be targeting the November, December, or January tests.
Classes begins Monday, September 27th and run right through December and into January (taking some time off for Christmas). This means that over 24 Zoom meetings are included in the course! Please note that we will not meet on Thanksgiving Wednesday and on the days leading up to Christmas (11/24/21).
Students can remain in the course until they take the test, but the final class should be on or about December 18th.

Topics for this course

51 Lessons16h

SSAT Course Landing Page with Zoom link / other links

Landing Page00:10:00

Quizlets for Success on the SSAT

Bonus Lessons: Checkpoint Reviews for Number Concepts and Operations

Lesson One: Intro to SSAT / SSAT Synonyms (9/27/21)

Lesson Two: Finish SSAT Synonyms, Discuss Number Concepts and Oper. (9/29/21)

Lesson Three: Take SSAT Quiz I, SSAT Analogies (10/4/21)

Lesson Four: More SSAT Analogies, More Number Concepts (10/6/21)

Lesson Five: Take SSAT Quiz 2, More Number Concepts and Operations (10/11/21)

Lesson Six: SSAT Math (10/13/21)

Lesson Seven: Take SSAT Quiz 3, Reading Comprehension (10/18/21)

Lesson Eight: Reading Comprehension (10/20/21)?

Class was moved to 4:30pm vs. 7pm. I am try to finish the Reading Comprehension lesson.

Lesson Nine: Take SSAT Quiz 4, SSAT Algebra (10/25/21)

Lesson Ten: SSAT Algebra (10/27/21)

Lesson Eleven: Take SSAT Quiz 5, Bonus Practice Test Sections (11/1/21)

Lesson Twelve: Summit UL Practice Test 1 (11/3/21)

Lesson Thirteen: SSAT Quiz 6 / Summit UL Practice Test 1 (11/8/21)

Lesson Fourteen: Summit UL Practice Test 1 / Quizlet Live (11/10/21)

Lesson Fifteen: Summit UL Practice Test 2 (11/15/21)

Lesson Sixteen: Summit UL Practice Test 2 (11/17/21)

Lesson Seventeen: Summit UL Practice Test 3 (11/22/21)

Lesson Eighteen: Summit UL Practice Test 3 (11/29/21)

Lesson Nineteen: Summit UL Practice Test 3 (12/1/21)

Lesson Twenty: SSAT Practice Test (12/6/21)

Lesson Twenty-one: More SSAT Practice (12/8/21)

About the instructor

John Dugan, a career educator, has over two decades of teaching and tutoring experience. For over fifteen years, he has taught SSAT and HSPT prep classes in person to hundreds of students in the Washington, DC area with great success. He is now bringing the best of the classroom to you online.
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