SSAT Summer Fundamentals

  • Last Update August 19, 2021


The SSAT Summer Fundamentals course is a way to stay sharp in the summer and to begin preparing for the SSAT. This course is not meant to replace the full SSAT course, which will be offered beginning in September.

Class begins on Thursday, June 24th and will run for eight Thursdays in a row. We will hold class at 10 AM, unless I inform you otherwise. Admissions to the class is rolling, and I will hold an extra session or two for anyone who begins later.


Topics for this course

26 Lessons

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Lesson One: SSAT Synonyms (6/24/21)?

This is our first lesson on synonyms. For homework, complete all of the middle level work, including challenge problems. You can save the upper level work for when you feel more comfortable with the vocabulary, or you can complete it. The choice is yours.

Lesson Two: SSAT Analogies (7/1/21)

Lesson Three: SSAT Basic Math (7/8/21)

Lesson Four: More SSAT Math: Review Online HW 1 (7/15/21)

Lesson Five: Review Math HW / Introduction to Reading Comp. (7/22/21)

Lesson Six: Difficult Reading Comp. Passages / Circle Back to Synonyms (7/29/21)

Lesson Seven: SSAT Synonym Practice (8/5/21)

Lesson Eight: Verbal Practice Test (8/12/21)

Final Wrap-up Class (8/17/21)

About the instructor

John Dugan, a career educator, has over two decades of teaching and tutoring experience. For over fifteen years, he has taught SSAT and HSPT prep classes in person to hundreds of students in the Washington, DC area with great success. He is now bringing the best of the classroom to you online.
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